Wine Carbs Count Too!

Wine Carbs Count Too!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier when you are aware of what you are consuming. This means paying attention to your liquid calories as well as your food calories. If you like to indulge in your wine, try selecting one that is lower in carbs, sugar and calories! Its easy to over consume when you are not measuring accurately so remember to measure out each glass (5 ounces) if you are serious about dropping weight.

Red Wine (5oz)

Wine Number of Carbs Calories
Cabernet Sauvignon 3.82 123
Burgundy 5.46 127
Pinot Noir 3.4 121
Shiraz/Syrah 3.79 122
Sangiovese 3.85 128


White Wine (5oz)

Wine Number of Carbs Calories
Chardonnay 3.18 123
Sauvignon 3.01 130
Champagne 1 114
Riesling 5.54 128
Pinot Grigio 3.03 122