Susan Ritt

Owner. Head Trainer

Personal Biography

I have always been passionate about fitness training and body sculpting! I worked hard to achieve a muscular body when I was younger and competed in fitness competitions.

A strong body makes us more confident, positive and we possess a greater ability to deal with life’s many challenges. We wear what we want and look great!

As I’ve become older, menopause was another challenge. I use my body sculpting techniques coupled with balancing the body’s nutritional needs to ensure I will stay lean, strong and healthy. I have been able to preserve my muscle density and keep my metabolism active. I welcome the chance to share my knowledge in the multiple benefits of strength training.

I can make fitness fun and can’t wait to share my knowledge in the multiple benefits of strength training!

Cassandra Doman

BKin, Personal Trainer

Personal Biography

Growing up I played many sports and staying active was easy.  Once I started university, I maintained a healthy body and mind through strength training and aerobic exercises.

Completing my degree in Kinesiology has taught me about anatomy, muscle physiology, body biomechanics, exercise prescription and injury prevention.   I have experience training seniors, cardiac rehabilitation patients, and people with spinal cord injuries and welcome the opportunity to help you conquer your fitness goals!  Whether you want to lose weight, or gain muscle mass, no fitness challenge is too big to overcome when you think outside the box and work hard!