Fitness Coaching

Fitness Coaching internally inspires the heart and mind of a person; New skills are established in helping find fitness-esteem to learn about persistence in health and the true-grit necessary to stay organized, and measure results, while having a blast getting fit! Behaviors are modified and conscious memories are permanently imprinted. Coaching inspires and uplifts people to strive past their limited expectations and reach and achieve true health and awareness in being well.

Nutrition Coaching

(Weight Loss Program)

We are certified nutrition and weight loss specialists. There are many aspects to coaching a client in the physiology of weight loss and the various factors affecting weight loss. We will review food intake practices and use nutrition to increase biological energy. We understand the physiology of digestion and the many challenges people face. A complete nutritional balance evaluation will be filled out.

Strength Training

There are numerous reasons for women to strength train. Feeling strong and healthy effects our mental well being. Better muscle tone increases balance, improves blood glucose control, positive effect on cardiovascular disease risk factors, reduces bone loss. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ??


Talk about stress relief, along with core and cardiovascular conditioning this is the perfect combination of physical fitness and self-defense. Our certified Muay Thai instructor makes the classes fun and challenging!!

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